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Fall Reminder: The junk that needs to be taken out of the garage and sold or recycled.  How does so much useless scrap junk end up in your garage throughout the year anyhow?

Fall Cleaning 2019- Scrap Metals

Is your garage so full that you can’t park your car inside? Maybe you just need an extra couple of dollars to get you through until the next pay day.  By cleaning out your garage you can make more room and make some extra cash. Below are some common items you can find in your garage that you can bring to the scrap yard for some extra cash.

Electronics for Scrap Metal

Technology is constantly changing and chances are you’ve upgraded your computer at least once (if not more).  Where is your old one stashed? Since monitors contain lead, they should not be just tossed in the trash. You can always take the monitors and TVs to the town recycling center because they won’t charge you.  Take your old laptop down to your local scrap yard, and you could get paid for it!  Want even more cash? Ask your friends if they need any electronics recycled.

Old Appliances For Scrap Metal

We’ve said it once; we’ve said it a million times.  Recycle your old AC units! It’s been a brutally hot summer season across the U.S and AC units are breaking left and right.  Don’t just let your broken AC unit sit in your garage for years to come and planning to fix it at some point down the road.  Go ahead and scrap it, and use the extra cash toward a new one that’s more energy efficient

Vehicle Lead Batteries For Scrap

If you like to tinker around with cars or trucks, then you might have some old rims, rotors or batteries around your workspace that can be recycled for some extra cash.  When you’re cleaning out your garage make sure you’re not just throwing out old motor oil or other hazardous materials.  If these items end up in landfills, then it can cause major contamination! 

Other items that can’t be tossed or scrapped like old toys, clothes, and other household items can be donated at Goodwill for a tax credit. 

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