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peter schuren from scrap metal company in fitchburg ma
peter schuren winthrop steel fitchburg

Established in the 1930s

Winthrop Steel company is a scrap metal yard located in Fitchburg, MA Worcester County.


Winthrop established before the times of motorized vehicles. Harris Winthrop used horse and wagon to go around the city picking up the scrap. Harris Winthrop was one of the first in the city with the pneumatic truck tires in the front and solid rubber tires in the back. It progressed from there to Jack Winthrop his son. Graham C Blood then bought it from Jack Winthrop in 1967.

Winthrop Steel company has been a family run business since its inception of the Company by Harris Winthrop in the 1930s. Graham Blood took over the business from Jack Winthrop and later sold the company to his Son-in-Law Peter Schuren and his brother John Schuren in 1974.


Winthrop Steel company purchases all grades of metals and iron such as ferrous, non-ferrous and appliances. eg.steel, cast iron, sheet metal, brass, copper, aluminum, stainless-aluminum etc. and pays cash on the spot to any customer. Scrap metal prices are updated on a daily basis.  


 If you have any questions regarding prices, materials or anything, the owner Peter Schuren personally addresses all the questions to your satisfaction.


We are proud to offer the best services to our customers.


Let's Make Money On Scrap Metal !!!

graham blood
winthrop steel company in early 30's
harris winthrop


Been dealing with Winthrop steel for many years. I personally find this company honest, friendly, and very helpful. Pricing has always been fair. Never had any problems with Peter or his brother. Thanks for your help.

Aj Guenard

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