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Ever wondered what becomes of your recycled scrap metal?

Many people don’t realise that recycled scrap metal is put to great use for numerous purposes, so it’s never wasted. Scrap metals such as copper, aluminium and more can be recycled for cash at your local scrap yard in Fitchburg and reused to make new products.


By recycling your scrap metal, you are supporting many industries, helping them to reduce their environmental impact. We also see reduced mining of natural and limited resources when we recycle. Let’s take a look at six ways in which recycled scrap metal is put to great use.

Industrial Use

Iron and steel are used in the construction industry for numerous projects such as roads and bridges. In the transportation industry, steel is used in the manufacturing of vehicles, aircrafts and other types of transportation. Iron, in particular, cast iron recycling, can also be huge, given it’s used for a wide variety of structural and decorative uses like hardware and plaques.

Home Furnishings

Homewares like benches, tables, lamps, light fittings and more are just a few of the furnishings that can be created from recycled scrap metal. Metal furniture is often made of recycled metals and can be quite beautiful as well as durable.

Artistic Use

Artists have taken advantage of scrap metal by transforming it into works of art.  Sculptures, decorative metalwork and even jewellery are typical creations. These are often unique one off pieces.  Even non-artists have put their creativity to use on scrap metal and converted it into works of art. We often see such work displayed on the walls of homes.

A Common But Important Use

Copper, in particular, can be reused for a variety of uses, given it’s one of the most commonly occurring metals in the world. It’s widely found in the structure of homes. It’s used to make large amounts of plumbing materials, cabling, roofing sheets and heat exchanges. It’s also widely used in air conditioners. You could say that copper lays the foundation for so many things we take for granted in our society.

All Rounder

Often used in gutters, siding, window frames, doors, and packaging in the form of canned items, aluminium is a major player in recycling. While it’s not always worth a lot of money at the scrap yard, a common piece of aluminium can be recycled and used again within a few months.


Whether it is in the household, industry or anywhere in between, all scrap metal can be recycled. As you have seen, there are endless possibilities and innovations that can come from taking your metal to the scrap yard. To see the best recycling solutions for your metal, get in touch with the team at Winthrop Steel Company today.

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