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Scrap, Aluminum Scrap Metals (Cans, Wires or Aluminum Boats)!

Aluminum Boats
Aluminum Boats

Who Will Buy A Whole Aluminum Boat?

Is your aluminum boat no longer of use to you? Scrap it. Many boats will have wood, debris, foam, or other contaminants in them. It is recommended you clean out all non-aluminum items to get the best prices for aluminum boats. Scrap aluminum boats are worth the most when they are clean. If you have a large load of aluminum boats or other metals, we @ Winthrop Steel Company Fitchburg MA accept aluminum boats and can give you the best Aluminum Boat Scrap Prices.

Aluminum Cans
Aluminum Cans

Are Aluminum Cans Worth Money?

If you are searching for a way to make a little extra cash, you should consider taking your aluminum cans and recycling them to get the best Aluminum Can Scrap Prices. Whether you have a business that collects a large amount of cans or if you are a small residence, when you recycle aluminum cans, you are protecting the environment and putting money in your pocket.

Where To Find Aluminum Cans For Scrap?

Everyone from building contractors to residential homeowners can take their aluminum cans and recycle them for cash. For those who are ready to recycle aluminum cans, you need to consider the fact that aluminum can prices will fluctuate on a regular basis. Make sure to check ahead and see what the aluminum can prices are before making the trip to recycle your scrap metal.

Here are some different types of cans that you can cash in with Winthrop Steel Company Fitchburg MA:

  • Soda Cans

  • Seltzer Cans

  • Beer cans

  • Aluminum Food Cans

  • Juice Cans

Note: Always ask your local scrap yard how they want to have them prepared so you are able to get the best price for your material and you will be happy that you asked them for it.

Scrapping Aluminum Wire & Why It Can Pay Off

If you have insulated aluminum wire or bare aluminum wire, there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure that you receive the best price at your scrap yard. Insulated aluminum wire is used in replacement of copper wire in many instances to be a cheaper and easier solution. While it is not quite as good a conductor as copper, aluminum wire can be lighter in weight and should also be considered a valuable metal when scrapping.

If you come across insulated aluminum wire when scrapping, it is a good idea to strip it down to make some more money with it. Usually if you take the time to strip it you can make upwards to $0.30 more per pound with the clean aluminum wire you get from it. Just make sure when stripping copper wire, use the right technique that works for you and is easy. Be sure to use all of the proper safety equipment and tools.

This Summer let's scrap all the junk items you have around you. Call Winthrop Steel Company, if you want to know about our prices. Visit us to our scrap yard in Fitchburg MA.

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