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Why should we recycle metal scraps? What's the use of metal recycling?

Winthrop Steel Company


Metals recycling are an increasingly important contributor to environmental and manufacturing health in the US.  Local spaces are protected from disposed debris, a huge workforce is kept in employment and energy is saved.


Reusing excess mined materials help to prevent physical waste in the environment by reducing waste. The need for manufacturing processes to replace and forge new materials is eliminated.

If you have a collection of valuable metals, you have a few options:

· For metals like aluminum or tin cans, there may be a collection program in your local area.

· Many metals need to be taken to an appropriate recycling center which states its ability to recycle or dispose of the materials properly.

· Alternatively, you can bring your metals to a drop-off center or scrap dealer which should accept a variety of materials for recycling.

Many establishments like these will pay you for recyclable scrap metal, the most commonly accepted types being aluminum, brass, copper, iron, and steel.  Every metal is unique in its type, requiring a specific recycling process and reclaiming method.


Metal is separated generally into two groups: steel and aluminum.  The type of scrap metal you have will make a difference too.  Therefore, it’s important to properly identify what’s in your stockpile.  The easiest way to achieve this is by using a magnet.

If a magnet sticks to your metal, then it is likely to be a ferrous metal such as iron or steel.

If the magnet doesn’t attract, you then have a non-ferrous metal such as aluminum, brass, bronze, copper, or stainless steel.


Basically, all metals can be recycled and transformed into the new metal of equivalent quality.  Metals recycling support a major worldwide industry.  Each year in the US, nearly 10 million tonnes of metal are recycled.

Around 15 million cars reach the end of their lifespan every year in the country.  Until they are dismantled, these old vehicles are considered an environmental hazard due to the potential toxins stored inside their material. With scrap metal in abundance, it’s important to continue recycling.  The numbers are too significant to ignore.


As you’ve probably gathered through reading, scrap metal is potentially everywhere, used in all kinds of everyday objects.  Car parts and engines are a rich source of excess scrap, while aluminum and steel food cans are easily found and prepared for sale.

At Winthrop Steel Company., we have been in the metal recycling industry for more than a decade, and are a worldwide leader in scrap processing. We specialize in metal recovery and the processing of both ferrous and non-ferrous materials and are ready to help your company meet its recycling goals today.

Winthrop Steel Company

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